Tiny, Sweet Poteet

A little birdie told me.  That’s the phrase that comes to mind when I think of the little Central/South Texas town of Poteet. It’s a very small town that proudly boasts its Strawberry festival and quiet, easy lifestyle. But I like the history of it for an amusing assumption….See below for more commentary and see […]

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God’s Country – Eden, Texas

See snakes on a plain  – in Eden, Texas.  Eden is a glorious, country, easy town in Texas that bears a biblical name, setting the scene for sinful fun and holy delight. This poster fits just about every sort of pun and reference within a 13×19 frame I could manage.   See below for more commentary […]

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Nederland Bulldog: Black + Gold

Nederland is a force. You can feel it from Spurlock Road to the “nice side” of 365. The spirit, the brotherhood, and the love for the Nederland Bulldogs are nothing to take lightly. *Scroll below for more commentary & thumbnails. Click to see close ups of the poster.   You can smell it, taste it, feel it… It’s […]

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Indian Spirit: PNG Poster

Texas is a big state full of small towns. Those small towns have high schools with football teams, and it’s no secret that things can get pretty darn serious. Food, shelter, freedom and football are all they need to get by, and it’s as simple as that, really…until you step into a Southeast Texas stadium […]

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