Write Good. Or Gooder.

A while back, I had the pleasure of working with a friend for some promotional posters for the Lamar University Writing Center. See below for more info and click the images to view larger… Lamar students can go to the Writing Center for support from peers & professionals for their assignments. Whether it’s a short-term […]

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Wedding Party Fun

My spectacular friend at work recently got married. She had a spectacular destination wedding on the sandy shores of Honah Lee…or somewhere near there. She had a spectacular idea to do fun things for the guests at her wedding reception that they would actually use, perhaps even after the wedding. Sort of a party favor […]

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Vintage Poster #45 – Lubbock

Lubbock, Texas has all the swirling winds of change. The town has developed more than just cotton and Buddy Holly, but those are certainly still some of the attractive aspects of the town and the history here. This poster has some of this in Lubbock – The Mighty Wind of Texas since 1890. *Scroll below […]

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Vintage Poster #41: Hutto, Tx

Hutto sits on the eastern outskirts of Austin, and looks like a vintage town. The history of Hutto is quite interesting with hippos, churches, railroads and more. This Hutto poster is a mix of a storybook look and Fiddler on the Roof. It’s a hippo playing a fiddle on the rooftop of a hut. Get […]

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Vintage Posters – 39: Rusk

If you have ever heard of anyone mention Rusk, Texas, chances are that a very interesting story is soon to follow. Rusk is a beautiful, quiet, old, small quaint railroad town in the hot east Texas pines. (scroll below for more commentary & click the image to view larger) This poster is done as a […]

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